Privacy Statement

We at SeekCap ("platform") respect your right to privacy and want you to understand how SeekCap collects, uses, and shares information about you. This Privacy Policy covers our data processing practices and describes your data privacy rights under the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012.

This Privacy Policy applies when you visit or use the SeekCap website, SeekCap Facebook page and use the Application Programming Interfaces (API) or related services (the "Services") of the platform. By using the Services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

What Data SeekCap Collects From You

SeekCap directly collects certain data from you, like the information you provide yourself in SeekCap and data from third-party platforms you connect within or through SeekCap.

Data You Provide to Us

SeekCap may collect your personal information depending on how you use SeekCap’s Services. When you create an account and use the Services, including through a third-party platform, SeekCap collects any information you directly provide including the following:

1. Account Data and KYC (know-your-client) Information

In order to use certain features of the Services, you need to create a user account. When you create or update your account, SeekCap collects and stores the data you provide such as your full name, mother’s maiden name, gender, email address, line of business, mobile number, present and permanent addresses, ID (front and dorsal portions), ID type, ID number, nationality, date of birth, birthplace, civil status, employer name, employment status, employer nature of business, employer address, occupation, source of funds, selfie picture and all other information that you have provided during account creation or updating.

For entities, SeekCap collects the following information when your representatives or authorized personnel create or update your enterprise account in SeekCap: business information (type, name, nature, address details, years in business, website/URL), social media pages or accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), annual gross sales information, average ticket size, projected annual sales, services offered, list of stockholders, directors, and officers, and all other information that are required to be provided during account creation or updating.

As part of SeekCap's KYC, SeekCap also requires the submission or provision of the following business-related documents for sole proprietorships or other entities that open enterprise accounts in SeekCap:

Sole ProprietorshipCorporate Entities
DTI RegistrationSEC Registration
Business PermitArticles of Incorporation
BIR RegistrationBy-Laws
Mayor’s PermitLatest General Information Sheet (GIS)
Income Tax Return (optional)Business Permit
Bank Account information for settlementSecretary’s Certificate or Board Resolution for Authorized Representatives or Signatories
Latest Audited Financial Statement (optional)
Bank Account information for settlement

SeekCap also collects individual information from the authorized users of enterprise accounts as they are required to create individual accounts. Upon successful creation of the enterprise account, the individual accounts shall be provided with their access rights. On top of the usual information to be required and collected for individual accounts, enterprise-related individual accounts shall also provide their designation for the roles of: SPOC - Main Contact Person / Master Admin, Sales, Finance, Support, Admin and IT for enterprise accounts.

2. Profile Data

You may choose to provide your profile information which may be viewable by others in SeekCap.

3. Data about Your Accounts on Other Services

SeekCap may obtain certain information about you through your social media or other online accounts if they are connected to your SeekCap account. The information SeekCap receive depends on what information you decide to give us via your privacy settings or the platform or service you have opted for. If you access or use our Services through a third-party platform or service, or click on any third-party links, the collection, use, and sharing of your data will also be subject to the privacy policies and other agreements of that third party.

4. Payment and Transaction Data

SeekCap collects and stores certain information from you to be able to link with our lenders for payment purposes. Lenders will coordinate directly with you in settling payments through auto-debit facility or through post-dated checks.

If integrated with a lender, SeekCap will collect and store your bank account information needed to facilitate disbursement and collection from your account, and will then be passed on to SeekCap's partner banks.

How SeekCap Get Data About you

Signing up to SeekCap can be done via website. During sign up, SeekCap collects the data you have provided. These include the information enumerated above under "Data You Provide to Us."


SeekCap uses Google Analytics. This tool enables SeekCap to analyze your use of the Services, including information on the frequency of your visits, events you look at within the Services, usage and performance data. SeekCap uses these data to improve its Services, better understand how the Services perform on different devices, and provide information that may be of interest to you.

What SeekCap Use Your Data For

SeekCap uses your data to provide its Services, communicate with you, provide measures to mitigate potential fraud or abuse in the platform, improve and update its Services, offer additional products, promotions or related services, and strengthen security and integrity of the Platform as a whole.

Who SeekCap Share Your Data With

SeekCap shares certain data about you with our third-party service providers like banks, lending or finance companies, payment channels, and your social media providers. SeekCap may also share your data in other ways if it is aggregated or de-identified or upon your consent.

Data Security

SeekCap uses appropriate security based on the type and sensitivity of data being stored. As with any internet-enabled system, there is always a risk of unauthorized access. Thus, it is important to protect your password and user credentials. You have to immediately contact us if you suspect any unauthorized access to your SeekCap account.

SeekCap takes appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of your personal data that it collects and stores. These measures vary based on the type and sensitivity of the data. While SeekCap has the appropriate security measures in place, it cannot guarantee that communications between you and SeekCap, its Services, or any information provided you have provided to SeekCap (in connection with the data SeekCap collect through the Services) always will be free from unauthorized access by third parties. Your password and user credentials are important aspects of SeekCap's security system. While SeekCap does its duty to keep the platform secure at all times, you also have to do your fair share in ensuring that your SeekCap account and credentials are known only to you. Should you have reason to believe that your password or account has been compromised, you should change it immediately and contact SeekCap for any concerns.

Your Data Privacy Rights

You have certain rights around the use of your data, including the ability to opt out of promotional emails and collection of your data by certain analytics providers. You can update or terminate your account from SeekCap and can also contact us for individual rights requests about your personal data.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer at